Fans are back and it appears that some of them forgot how to behave during lockdown. The NBA saw several incidents of fans taking advantage of the situation, spilling popcorn and shouting slurs. The game of baseball is not immune to yahoos.

A fan during the LA Dodgers’ game wanted to get in on the action, but they didn’t anticipate that the ball girl would handle the situation. During the Dodgers’ game against the Los Angeles Angles, a game that was already ripe with tension due to both teams sharing a home city, a fan jumped the field.

Fans got their cameras ready and recorded the action. This dude was running fast, but the ball girl was right there to take him down. She shoved this dude and sent him toppling.

Thanks to the ball girl’s quick moves, and using some expert juking maneuvers, she shoved that guy right over the barricade. Vince McMahon might want to get her number.

When footage like this comes out you have to wonder what the runner’s end game was when he started this mission in frivolity.

That fan outran dozens of security guards, but he couldn’t handle the ball girl. Fans in attendance certainly got their money’s worth last night. You can check out the clip below.

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Aaron Varble

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