DaBaby is a popular rapper in the Hip-Hop world right now, but he is also known to take things too far and is also a subject of controversy. He managed to make headlines for all the wrong reasons recently as well.

During his performance at Rolling Loud in Miami, DaBaby caused quite a stir after making a controversial and homophobic statement. This led to fans being irate and bashing him on social media.

All of this has led to him being cancelled by fans and events alike. On top of that, he was previously dropped from the upcoming Lollapalooza lineup. To add to his woes, he was removed from the Governor’s Ball as well.

DaBaby had previously posted a half-hearted apology for his harmful and insensitive remarks as he took to Instagram, but then he would go on to delete the post.

To the surprise of no one, this led to yet more backlash as fans took to Twitter and utterly destroyed the rapper for deleting his apology post.

“He realised the apology wasn’t doing shit so he ‘took it out his bio'”

“DaBaby shot himself in the foot, then set himself on fire then jumped off a cliff and now has decided to nuke his own ghost ALL BECAUSE he’d rather continue to be an asshole than make money and do what he loves. Most people are just people but some of these niggas are PARABLES.”

“yeah he just thought we was gonna accept the apology and move on, now that we didn’t, he gonna create some diss track.WE WAS RIGHT TO CANCEL THIS MF…”

“He really said ‘this apology my intern made didnt help so ima stay homophobic'”

D*B*by is the most canceled person in the history of cancellations and I’m here for it. Right? I’ve never seen an un-following, label dropping, etc. Hes on the verge of being completely DONE.

“in turn let’s delete him too.”

“probably cause he didn’t mean it and only posted it for damage control but fortunately it didn’t work”

DaBaby is likely feeling remorseful after his homophobic comments at the Rolling Loud show in Miami. It seems Miley Cyrus certainly has her work cut out for her if she truly will try to help DaBaby get better.

You can check out a variety of tweets below to see how people are feeling about this situation.

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