Farrah Abraham has fans worried after a recent TikTok video. Now people are starting to grow concerned for her daughter Sophia on top of things.

A TikTok video dropped on July 28th shows Farrah and Sophia in a car. This had fans worried as they pick apart what is really going on in the video of the two former reality television stars.

The Sun picked up this story and described the video as “alarming” and “bizarre.” This video, which was captioned “Limiting DJ Sophia in the car,” has generated a lot of conversation. Some are expressing that they are not comfortable about how things were presented.

“Am I the only one confused lol?” and “I don’t understand…” one fans quipped. Another commented on the video to say, “Farrah has officially lost the last of her brain cells.”

Another critical fan said: “Are you scared of seeing her with the filter on? I’m Confused.”

One person commented, and then deleted a note saying: “All Sophia wants is attention and is afraid of being taken out of the spotlight by her child. I really wish someone would rescue her.” A more concerned and observant fan commented to say, “The look in poor Sophia’s eyes. Jesus she really does seem like a prisoner.”

Fans continued to show how they are worried about Farrah’s daughter especially. “Oh dear. Sophia might already be beyond hope,” one said. “Yes. Sophia needs saving. She needs mentorship. A roof and bed is the bare min. Those things don’t even mean shit when you have someone as damaged as Farrah at the helm. This is just f*cked up all around,” another commented.

Farrah Abraham certainly posted this video to get attention, but this is likely not what she had in mind.

What’s your take on this situation? Sound off in the comments!


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