Dave Bautista has been in a lot of unique situations on film. He has battled heroes and villains. Now we can say that Batista has also enjoyed wi-fi in the middle of the woods as an old man.

The Streamer dropped today, and this minute-long commercial for Disney’s new streaming bundle has received a ton of attention. The package deal is not earning the spotlight, but Big Dave Bautista’s amazing performance has people in stitches.

Tons of fans were talking about this commercial and heaping on praise for Dave Bautista. It was common to see a tweet proclaiming that Batista is the best actor to ever come out of WWE.

“Big Dave Bautista is the best wrestler-turned-actor ever and nothing anyone says will change my mind,” one fan said. “Dave Bautista is the best post WWE actor ever,” another agreed.


One tweet also pointed to the fact that his name trended for so long, and then they made an observation comparing him to The Rock, “Dave Bautista is trending so ill remind everyone, he is a upgraded version of The Rock.”

Dave Bautista is a treasure and many agree. You can check out the video that’s getting so much attention below along with some excellent tweets.

What’s your take on this subject? Sound off in the comments!

Aaron Varble

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