It is a wonderful time in every parent’s life when their children are growing up and learning about the world. Legendary rapper 50 Cent is no exception to the rule, and in an interview with Sky News, the rapper talked about his children and how his youngest son, Sire, considers him to be a “superhero.”

There’s a point where kids view their parents as superheroes because they don’t understand everything else in life that they have to do, work and everything else to create the comforts.

He went on to say that his son thinks that Fif is an unstoppable force of nature, who can outdo anyone and anything. While 50 Cent maybe a legend in the world of rap and hip-hop, even he has limitations.

My little guy now, he sees me like that, he thinks, ‘my dad could do it – there’s no question my dad could do it’, like if somebody can jump further and he’ll say ‘my dad can jump that far’, he thinks I can do everything, and it’s amazing.


He stated that a lot of the decisions his mother made had a profound impact on him. Fif lost his mother at the young age of 8, which is the same as Sire’s current age.

I look at my journey, some of the decisions that my mom made have guided mine, and it’s because people from her life had what was a representation of financial freedom, they had those nice things in front of me.

Fif said that while he hustled and went down the same path as those around him, he tried to go beyond it when he felt the roof coming up. He deemed working in music and entertainment industry as exceeding “that level of success, completely.”

They got everything that you would want, so it kind of led me down the same path of the hustling and going to do different things, and, you know, I just hit the roof of that and wanted to do more, so I got involved in music and entertainment where we do things that exceed that level of success, completely. Like, that is the smallest thing, you know what I mean, it just felt big at that point, when I was little.

While Fif is one of the most celebrated artists in rap, his son Sire might be heading down the same path. While Fif broke through the roof by diversifying, perhaps that is the destiny which awaits young Sire as well.

Nitish Vashishtha

Nitish is a freelance writer and correspondent who has been covering celebrity news, pop culture and entertainment for over 4 years. He has experience writing for various media outlets and continues to be passionate about bringing the latest news and insights to readers.

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