Comedian Gabriel Iglesias was about to end a long tour, but ended up making an announcement he really didn’t think he would be making on his birthday.

The comedian recently tested positive for COVID-19, even when he had been fully vaccinated as per the mandates to fight against the virus. Taking to Twitter, Iglesias made the announcement with the caption “Announcement I didn’t want to make on my bday… #FluffyGotCovid.”

The comedian said that while he had two different tests to confirm whether he really had COVID-19 or not, since he had been vaccinated already, they both came back positive.

Unfortunately, I have tested positive for COVID-19. I made sure that I got tested by two different types of tests and they both came back positive.


Iglesias said that while the vaccines didn’t stop the virus from infecting him, he had no severe symptoms from the virus, the credit of which he gives totally to the vaccine.

Not the way I wanted to spend my birthday but at least I’m alive and I have cake. I can’t taste it or smell it, but I have it. Wish me luck and be careful out there.

The comedian was wrapping up his large 73-stop tour in San Antonio, Texas, but instead he’ll be spending two weeks totally quarantined in order to recover and contain the spread. He just turned 45.

Nitish Vashishtha

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