Jake Paul and Conor McGregor have no love loss between each other. The MMA fighter broke his leg during UFC 264, and Paul didn’t seem to have much sympathy for him at all.

Paul is set to fight Tyron Woodley on August 29th in Cleveland, Ohio. That fight just got far more interesting as they agreed on a stipulation involving tattoos at yesterday’s press conference.

While at the press conference, TMZ asked Jake Paul about Conor McGregor’s tough break at UFC 264. Paul did not seem the least bit remorseful as he promptly responded that McGregor is “a piece of sh*t” and he got what was coming to him.

“He’s a piece of sh*t. He’s sitting there on the ground after losing, talking sh*t to Dustin Poirier‘s wife. I don’t feel bad at all.”

“I think he’s an evil man, and he had what was coming for him.”

Jake Paul dropped $100k on an ultimate troll item: a necklace of Conor McGregor’s first lost to Dustin Poirier. He tried to break the leg off that figure to make it authentic, but it wouldn’t budge. “I tried to snap off the ankle on it. After the fight I took a rock and tried to smash it. It wouldn’t break, honestly. The chain is more solid than McGregor.”

Conor McGregor threw some big shots at Dustin Poirier’s wife Jolie, and he continued to do so even while he was sitting on the mat with a broken leg. Some have called for McGregor’s lifetime ban from UFC, and that makes sense after video was released showing Notorious threatening to kill the Poiriers after he lost that fight.

We’ll have to see if Conor McGregor and Jake Paul ever make that big money fight happen. It will need to wait until 2022 when McGregor is able to heal up that leg.

What’s your take on Conor McGregor’s big UFC 264 loss? Sound off in the comments!

Aaron Varble

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