DaBaby has a lot of money, but he’s not going to overpay for candy. The famous rapper recently dropped a video online that garnered a lot of attention. Also, some people don’t really approve of the entire situation.

Two kids had a box of Skittles and Gushers each, and they were selling bags on the street for $2 each. DaBaby wanted the whole box, and they told him it would be $200. With a stack of money in his hands, DaBaby refused to pay that much. Click here to check out the video in question.

After DaBaby broke down the math for these kids, he shared the video online. At first, those kids were seen as scammers, but many have taken a sympathetic view of them in the situation. Others commented just to crack a joke on the video, because there are a few things to pull humor from in the footage.

“Da Baby filmed a flight attendant to criticize her appearance so I hardly believe he’s ‘above’ other lowly antics,” one fan tweeted out. “Twitter mad cuz Da Baby was teaching kids a lesson about honesty…” another observed.


“Oh no!?!?!?! Da Baby would have missed his mortgage payment if he gave those lower income kids $200…. thank God he ain’t get ‘finessed,'” another fan tweeted out. “$200 is pennies in comparison to what Da Baby spends on jewelry, clothes, etc. Those kids are poor & just wanted some help. $200 is not hurting his pockets. He could’ve just gave them the money without trying to embarrass them for social media,” said another.

There were a few ways to look at the situation, but DaBaby is certainly getting a lot of people talking today. That could have been his intention by dropping this video in the first place.

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H Jenkins

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