DJ Akademiks is one of the most famous insiders of the rap/hip-hop industry, and while many don’t like him weighing in on key debates of the industry, his opinion matters a lot.

After the rap personality showed up on the Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh’s Flagrant 2 podcast’s new episode, he stated that Drake is his favorite rapper of all time.

When I say Drake is the best rapper ever, I’m not talking about just rapping. I think he’s seeing the game, and doing all of the necessary things to capitalize and be at the top.

As DJ Akademiks stated that Drake is one of the best rappers of all time, Schultz pointed out that Jay-Z is another contender for the best rappers in the world debate. Akademiks continued:


Drake had an ironclad hold on the game consistently, for ten-plus years. JAY was one of the top 5. Some years he was 1, some years he was 2, some years he was 3. But I think what he gave to the game, in terms of people, influence, his impact, people cloud their thoughts in thinking about it to say he’s the best.

Akademiks continued to talk about how there were many rappers alongside the line who could have toppled Drake’s supremacy, but Drake remained thoroughly unshakable.

I think what we’re looking at with Drake, is we give him props for helping other artists, but that artist could have competed with you at some point. There’s a point, where if you go back to 2015, when Future was so hot. Maybe Future could have toppled Drake. But Drake pretty much overshadowed his wave. Travis. I think Baby to a certain extent. Charlamagne said that about Baby. I don’t think Baby’s the guy yet. But I think Drake is smart – Drake won’t ever make it lines in the sand. He’ll always collaborate, help, and have those moments with that person knowing he’ll outlast them. He’s like Floyd in a way. He doesn’t knock them out, but he’s like, if you go twelve with me, n***as will know I won.

Akademiks talked about a lot of things on the podcast. Check it out for more insights in the world of rap, and let us know what you think of the media personality’s comments.

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