The Rock has been working hard on Black Adam, but all that work will soon wrap up shooting. Then Dwayne Johnson can move onto his next big mission. The Black Adam project is still something that took a decade of attention and it’s likely to take even more time after this week. Thanks to an update from The Rock, we know that they are wrapping up shooting next week.

Johnson tweeted out a video showing off his cheat meal for the day. He works up quite an appetite while taking over the world one project at a time. The Great One trained a ton and didn’t need padding to pull off that Black Adam suit either. It was also quite a stressful ordeal to pull it off during the pandemic, but Dwayne Johnson’s pet superhero project is wrapping soon.

Doesn’t look like much, but it’s the results we hope for 👊🏾⚡️💀

This coming week is a big one – our final week of production for the filming of BLACK ADAM⚡️


All the training, the diet💀, with Covid it’s been 2 years of character, story and production prep and it all culminates to next week.

Here’s a look at my breakfast/
Sodium pulled.
Water limited.
Flank, egg whites, brown rice and blueberries
Dialing all the conditioning in as we save the hardest scenes for last.

Appreciate you guys so much for all the BLACK ADAM support – I think we’re making a movie and creating a universe that’s definitive, unique, bad ass and cool.

Fingers crossed 🤞🏾 we bring it on home strong next week.

Stay disciplined, focused and trust in the process.

And shovel it all in and drink it all down 😉

The Rock has a ton of control over the Black Adam project. He also has creative control over any spin-off projects so that could keep him busy for a while as well. Hopefully, Black Adam will be worth the wait for all fans as Dwayne Johnson continues to whatever his next step is. If that happens to be the White House then it wouldn’t be a tremendous surprise at this point.

What’s your take on Dwayne Johnson taking on the world? Sound off in the comments!

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