Shaquille O’Neal and Paul Wight have quite a history with each other. WWE was going to set up a WrestleMania encounter between the two megastars, but that was nixed. Paul Wight, formerly known as The Big Show, is now with AEW. Shaq has also made his in-ring debut for AEW in recent memory. A match might still happen, but Vince McMahon won’t be hosting it.

WWE reportedly passed on Big Show vs Shaq because they felt that the NBA Hall of Famer wasn’t serious about the match. There were concerns about what kind of shape he would be in. Shaq put a lot of those doubts to rest with his mixed tag team match over the Summer, one where he took a table bump thanks to Cody Rhodes.

While speaking to Pop Culture, Shaq was very open to facing the former Big Show. He made a comment about how red tape got in the way before, that red tape being Vince McMahon. Now they are both in a situation where AEW will likely give them a lot fewer problems.

“Last time there was a lot of bureaucracy and red tape. Now there isn’t red tape, so I’m still a bit sore over that table bump over the Summer, but I’m gonna pump these muscles up and get ready for you, Mr. Paul.

We’ll have to see if AEW can arrange Paul Wight vs Shaq. Obviously, they would get a lot of attention, even from mainstream media. WWE will also be paying close attention if that match can happen, because they’d be watching a match that Vince McMahon passed on years ago.

What’s your take on this situation? Should Shaq wrestle Paul Wight now in AEW? Sound off in the comments!

Transcription by Thirsty

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