Jeff Bezos is one of the richest men on the planet, but that is no excuse to owe him money. He is now taking his girlfriend’s brother to court over a debt.

According to TMZ, there is a war going on between Bezos and his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez’s brother, Michael Sanchez. He has allegedly been hiding money to avoid giving Bezos cash that he is owed.

Her brother sued Bezos for defamation for allegedly trashing his name while accusing him of leaking intimate text messages to the media. A judge threw out that case and ordered Sanchez to fork over $254,404 to Bezos for his private investigator and attorney.

The bill has not been paid and Bezos is growing impatient. He claims that money is being hidden away to keep it from him and he wants that cash. It is alleged that Sanchez transferred a $2.5 million home in WeHo to a shell company to avoid having it seized.


Sanchez’s Attorney, Tom Warren, called out Bezos for exploiting his employees and generally not being the best guy around, despite being one of the richest ever.

“The world has been accusing Mr. Bezos of not paying his fair share of taxes, exploiting Amazon employees, and spreading fake conspiracy theories about the future king of Saudi Arabia. You can now add bullying his future brother-in-law to the list.”

“As Mr. Bezos well knows, Mr. Sanchez’ attorneys are aggressively pursuing an appeal of the anti-SLAPP judgment. If successful, Mr. Sanchez will owe Mr. Bezos nothing. Nevertheless, earlier this week, Mr. Sanchez authorized his team to coordinate with Mr. Bezos’ counsel concerning payment of the judgment. Had Mr. Bezos’ attorneys bothered to reach out to Mr. Sanchez’ counsel before filing a lawsuit against him, they would have known that to be the case.”

Jeff Bezos has a ton of cash and can pay for high power attorneys to get the job done for him. We will have to see if he’s able to uncover that money, but 1/2 a million for Bezos is like a $10 loan for anyone else. You’d think that he could get over it, but this is obviously about the principal of the thing.

What’s your take on Jeff Bezos taking his girlfriend’s brother to court? Sound off in the comments!

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