Dana White is known to be a very controversial figure when it comes to the proper payment of UFC stars. He was called out for this fact many times by the likes of Jake Paul. 

However, it cannot be dismissed that Dana White has made UFC what it is today as it remains the most popular promotion for MMA in the world right now. The world of MMA has certainly grown exponentially since its humble beginnings a couple of decades ago.

While speaking to BroBible’s Arthur Kade, Dana White was asked if he ever thought the sport of MMA and the UFC promotion would ever become as it is today. White then proceeded to explain why MMA will be the biggest sport in the world.

“Well, if you look at interviews of me, you know, 15 years ago, I say that this is going to be the biggest sport in the world. And I believe that this thing would work everywhere. When you think about the NFL, right? The NFL is massive in the United States. There’s nothing bigger. And then you think about these other places. Soccer is big in other countries. Cricket is big in some places, rugby, none of that; NFL doesn’t work over there, and those sports don’t work over here.


The one thing that works everywhere is fighting, you know. And if you think about the most famous athletes that have ever walked the face of the earth – Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson – Those guys are known everywhere. Bruce Lee died in the early ‘70s. Kids still know who he is today. Because as human beings, we are fascinated by who the toughest guy in the world is.” 

The MMA world will continue to flourish as it is arguably at its peak right now with more people choosing a career in MMA. It is likely the sport will prosper and perhaps what Dana White said will come true.

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