Tom Brady is one of the greatest players in Super Bowl history. He’s one of the most efficient and capable players when it comes to leading their teams towards a Super Bowl win.

Having seven Super Bowls under his name, and going for the eighth at the age of 44, he’s truly one of the few athletes who play the long game. Prior to his latest, Super Bowl winning stint with the Tampa Bey Buccaneers, the athlete was a free agent, where he entertained offers from quite a few teams.

Appearing on LeBron James’ The Shop, he disclosed that one team apparently made the pass on him, and while that wasn’t particularly hurtful, the undisclosed team’s choice for his replacement as a quarterback definitely ticked him off.

One of the teams, they weren’t interested at the very end. I was thinking, ‘You’re sticking with that motherf–ker?


While the teams with which Brady was negotiating with at the time were the 49ers, Raiders, and Titans, and considering their choices for their quarterback positions, it’s no secret that Brady felt disrespected at their lack of interest. After all, he has proven himself as the greatest of all time.

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