The Rock is known for a lot of things and fans who remember watching him wrestle in WWE back in the day can spot that Brahma Bull tattoo anywhere. It was his branding, but then he covered it up. Dwayne Johnson isn’t finished covering up that tattoo with a massive rendering of what he always wanted on that massive arm of his.

The People’s Champion, who WWE is trying to get back for Survivor Series, posted a little tattoo update. He just went in for his third session, he’s now up to 30 hours of tattooing on that one arm. The super realistic features really pop right off of his arm as he included a couple of photos.

Evolution of the Bull tattoo is almost complete.

Day 2 and inking over 25 hours so far with my brother and hyper-realistic specialist @yomicoart in my basement.

Yomico’s masterful in his skill and we’ve spent many months (almost a year thru Covid) collaborating on details and story that the tattoo will represent.

Almost done and almost time to break out the tequila

Day 3 and we’re almost finished.
Close to 30 hrs of tattooing (pretty challenging as my whole upper arm and shoulder wasn’t a blank canvas but rather enhancing and adding to what was already there so the level of detail, precision and specific color for my skin takes a lot of time) with my brother @yomicoart.

He’s a master of hyper-realistic art and a great collaborator with me as we took months to fine tune the story and information this tattoo has to tell.

The Rock is no stranger to pain, but this is another level of commitment. You can get a lot done in 30 hours, and The Rock spent them in a tattoo chair getting ink.

It is rumored that The Rock and WWE are coming close to working with each other once again. It all has to do with Dwayne Johnson’s schedule. If he does make a return to the ring, that arm tattoo will look much different from how some fans remembered it.

What’s your take on The Rock covering up his classic Brahma Bull tattoo? Sound off in the comments!

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