DMX sadly passed away far too soon. His legacy will live on forever through the adrenaline pumping tracks that he put out in his life. He almost had one song appear during AEW’s latest pay-per-view, but that did not pan out.

Chris Jericho revealed on Talk Is Jericho that Van Halen wanted 1/2 a million to use their song Running with the Devil. Frank Sinatra’s estate only wanted $15k to use Me and my Shadow for a parody. DMX’s music would have cost less than that.

Jericho was pumped about using X’s X Gon’ Give It to Ya, but then they didn’t get his family to sign off on it in time.

“The dichotomy of that was so great, and the original idea was, Max mentioned we should try and get DMX. So to kind of talk about the music for a bit, first of all, we tried to get Van Halen ‘Running with the Devil’ when Max and I teamed that one time. They came back and said for one time use is $500,000, which is basically a nice way of saying go ‘f*ck your ass.’ Frank Sinatra was a lot cheaper, but it was really hard to get, ‘Me and My Shadow’. This is a big time guy.”


“He didn’t write the song, but it’s the publishers who own it. Even like for ‘Judas’, when I want to use ‘Judas’, I can’t just use it. Sony, who owns our publishing, has to approve. So DMX was the idea, and I thought, well, there’s no way, so I asked Mega, who’s, as Konnan would call, the AEW legal girl. She kind of does this. That’s kind of one of her forte’s for the NFL to get licensing for songs. They came back and said yes, for ‘X Gon’ Give It to Ya’, and it was for not Van Halen money and not Frank Sinatra money, which is 15 grand but somewhere lower than that where it was affordable. I even said I’ll go half. Let’s just get this.”

“So then a couple days before, poor Darrell, one of our production managers, he’s on the field with us during the Stampede, you got the guys in the truck, and you got us and he’s the middleman. He tells me, ‘So I heard that we don’t have DMX.’ I’m like ‘What are you talking about?’ So then this domino effect goes to where we were originally given permission, but the family has to sign off on it, and they didn’t sign off. So that I have to break the news like, oh man, we don’t have DMX.”

The Stadium Stampede match closed out Double or Nothing. It was a pretty fun match, but things would have been much more epic if they could have included that little tribute to DMX. Perhaps they will make something work in the future.

What’s your favorite DMX song? Sound off in the comments!

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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