Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather finally threw down on August 31st. This was a dream match that Logan Paul has been training for over a year. This was a big a showdown in Miami with the world watching, but no winner would be decided by judges.

Paul came out to The Greatest Showman, the song from Hugh Jackson’s musical about the circus. He was ready for battle, and also took a moment to have a word with his brother Jake Paul before getting in the ring.

Migos was on hand for Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s introduction. Money has 50 wins under his belt already, so this fight was nothing new for him. The stage was certainly a big one as he made his walk to the ring.

Mayweather promised that this match won’t be a first-round knockout. He wanted to give fans a show with Logan Paul. He also has no love loss for Jake Paul, especially after that GOTCHA HAT stunt. Of course, Jake Paul might be next.


When the time came for the two to collide in the ring after long entrances and introductions, they got down to business.

Logan kept Mayweather back with his reach, testing the waters with jabs. Mayweather danced around, bobbing and weaving to avoid any strikes. Logan Paul punched, but he didn’t hit Money until he backed him in the corner.

Floyd hit two left hooks just to prove that he could. Paul kept swinging, but he missed. Suddenly, Paul wrapped up with Floyd, and he nailed a little punch as they separated.

Paul started unloading on Floyd as soon as he heard the 10 second sound. After a flurry of punches, none of them landed clean.

Round two was much of the same as the first. Floyd ducked and weaved all over while Paul couldn’t land a clean punch. Mayweather was enjoying himself at this point.

Floyd wasn’t throwing many big punches, but he was feeling Logan Paul out. Logan Paul did not end round 2 with the same attack that he tried in round 1. Fans started to boo when round 2 ended.

Floyd tried to get a lot of punches in during round three. The referee had to separate them a couple of times. Mayweather was also able to land a punch to the side of the head while they were wrapped up.

Floyd landed a left hook and a right uppercut. Logan tried to wrap up with Mayweather, but Money nailed another jab as they were tied up at the end of round 3. Jake Paul looked a bit worried on the outside.

Mayweather came right out for round four and looked to make contact right away. Paul tried to land some haymakers, but he missed. Then Paul took a punch to the face before they wrapped up while Floyd landed body shots.

Paul connected a right hand to Floyd’s face, but then they tied up again. Mayweather then landed a right hand and they tied up to hit a few more close shots.

Mayweather continued on Logan Paul, who was starting to tire himself out. Neither man left their feet, but Mayweather maintained control as the veteran in this fight.

Logan Paul was very tired by round 7, but he was able to land a punch on Money. Mayweather was landing around 40% of his punches at this point to Logan Paul’s 15%.

The final round started and Logan Paul tried to start out with a jab that missed. Money didn’t lose a step by the 8th round as he continued dodging practically every punch that Paul sent his way.

Mayweather landed 17 body punches at this point to Logan Paul’s 1. This was a long night for Logan Paul. The fight ended without either man getting knocked down or knocked out. The referee didn’t have to stop the fight once, but he did have to separate the fighters a few times during tie-ups.

This was quite a fight with no winner declared. Many people have kept score and Mayweather wins all of those unofficial scores, but this was purely an exhibition fight.

How do you think Logan Paul did against Floyd Mayweather? Sound off in the comments!

H Jenkins

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