Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have split up and their divorce is ongoing. On the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, they dove into how she is feeling about the situation.

While on a trip to Lake Tahoe, Kim went off on her family over a plate of cookies. Khloe Kardashian spoke about this during a confessional and blamed Kim K’s response on her failing marriage.

“Kim has been struggling privately behind camera about her relationship and it’s tough because Kim is clearly redirecting so much of her frustration and sadness and anger. And, you know, sometimes you just take things out on something that has nothing to do with what you’re going through. It’s not the cookies’ fault.”

Kim and Kanye were together during the filming, but they had just fought. This is when Kim told Khloe that “there’s no fighting, like, now it’s all calm so I just roll with it.”

“I honestly can’t do this anymore,” Kim Kardashian finally admitted. “Why am I still in this like, place where I’m stuck for years? Like, he goes and moves to a different state, every year, I have to be together so I can raise the kids, you know? And he’s an amazing dad, he’s done an amazing job. I think he deserves someone that can go support his every move, go follow him all over the place and move to Wyoming — I can’t do that. He should have a wife that supports his every move and travels with him and does everything.” 

Kim Kardashian then said that she is a failure. This was quite a breakdown as so many things seemed to come to a head at the same time. We’ll have to see if the remainder of their divorce can be peaceful, but she certainly didn’t take it well at first.

Is Kim and Kanye’s divorce the best thing for both of them? Sound off in the comments!

H Jenkins

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