John Cena was just trying to plug Fast 9, but then he accidentally made a huge mistake. He said that Taiwan is going to be one of the first “countries” to get the new Fast film, and China didn’t like that at all.

China doesn’t recognize Taiwan as a country. This political faux pas caused John Cena to release an apology video to the Chinese people in their native language, something he became fluent in while filming Project X with Jackie Chan in China.

Marco Rubio dragged John Cena is a big way over this apology video. He called out China’s Communist Party for controlling what Americans say.

A world where #China’s Communist Party controls what Americans can say isn’t some nightmarish future threat


It’s already here

Megyn Kelly commented to say, “This is stomach turning.” Tom Cotton called Cena’s move “pathetic” as well.

Senator Rick Scott also replied to Cena’s video where he really let the 16x World Champion have it. “Insane. Instead of kowtowing to the Communist Party of China – how about we stand up for our democratic ally Taiwan as they face increasing threats and aggression from General Secretary Xi?”

Ben Shapiro also threw out his two cents on the matter. As with everything else Shapiro says, he was straight to the point, no matter how hot his take is.

Taiwan is a country. Hong Kong should be free. If you are unwilling to say these things because it might hurt your bottom line, you are a pathetic coward.

Obviously, John Cena’s apology video was done because they don’t want China boycotting the Fast Franchise. That country provides them with a ton of money. Cena’s apology still drew a lot of resentment from conservatives from all over the republican party.

Are you a fan of John Cena’s apology? Did he bow to China? Sound off in the comments!

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