Aaron Rodgers is making the Green Bay Packers have a very tenuous offseason, as he’s been desperately trying to leave the team. On Monday, Rodgers missed out on the voluntary OTAs of the team, and that move might have hurt him more than he was ready for.

While Rodgers has managed to keep being evasive from the team’s reach throughout the entire spring, but his lack of presence has now started to take the toll on his pocket.

As per the report by ESPN’s Rob Demovsky, the 37-year old footballer was eligible for the $500,000 bonus that the team members get when they engage themselves in the voluntary offseason workout routine. Since he’s been on the lookout for getting traded, he ended up missing out on the half a mil he could have had if he just worked out on the premises.

While the offseason has just reached the third-phase on Monday, Rodgers wasn’t the only one of the Packers not attending the OTAs. Other team members have been trying to workout a different offseason format with the management, so it seems like the Packers have a lot of issues to sort through before the next football season.

Nitish Vashishtha

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