Kodak Black loves to flex how much money he has. The rapper just dropped cash on a 2017 Tesla, and he was very proud to show off his 10th ride. Still, he claimed the car was “new,” but that isn’t really the case.

Black celebrated a upcoming drop for “Happy Birthday Kodak” on June 11th. He just bought a “new” Tesla with cash to celebrate. This was his tenth car, and he wasn’t shy about laying down video proof.

#HappyBirthdayKodak Dropping 6/11 I Just Bought A New Tesla .. This My 10th Car Btw

That ride likely cost Kodak Black around $61k, but it’s not a used car. Still, it’s a pretty big purchase to lay down cash to buy. He made sure that the money counting machine was captured on video hard at work accumulating the stacks of cash he brought in. We only counted five stacks though, so maybe that was his down payment?

Black said he bought a “new Tesla,” but the model is a few years old. This 2017 Tesla Model X 75D is the car Kodak Black picked up. Perhaps he meant “new” as in it is new to him. Either way, that makes ten cars so he has enough rides to do him for a while.

The Trump pardoned rapper has a listed net worth of $600,000 as of March, 2021. We’ll have to see if he can make that amount rise with some smart investments. He doesn’t seem to be worried about money right now as he just dropped a load of cash on a car.

Kodak Black now has a new car to distract him from all that hate he received for throwing love at Trump the other day.

Do you think that Kodak Black is spending his money wisely? Sound off in the comments!

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