The Kardashian clan needs an attitude adjustment in a big way, and they’re about to start paying for it until they clean up their act.

In a sneak peek at the next Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the family is shown in a very interesting scene. Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian are seen sitting down with Kris Jenner to talk about their mother’s pessimistic attitude.

Khloe piped in to announce that she has an idea. Then she revealed a fancy jar that will help her mother, and everyone else, take care of that negativity.

“I have this fancy, schmancy jar. It’s a negativity jar. Kourtney made a point, like every time I walk in here it’s negative, people are like, ‘What are you wearing? What’d you do to your hair?'”

“This is what we’re gonna do. Until we’re done with this house rental, we’re going to put in a dollar. If you only have $5, you put in a $5 bill. If you only have $100, that’s what goes in here. You’re gonna take your bill, you’re going to write your name, staple it to the bill and put in here. Whoever has the least amount of names in here, gets all the money.”

Khloe said in a confessional that there is nothing wrong with having a family attitude adjustment, and she believes that her jar idea will do the trick. She then admitted that her family can be “f*cking assholes” to each other.

Kourtney chimed in and said to her mother that, “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. We speak in a way that’s like, ‘You should know better.’ Guess where I learned it.'”

Kris Jenner then confessed that Kourtney probably got those bad traits from her. They didn’t disagree about this either. It was also made clear that this suggestion wasn’t an attack on anyone.

“It’s generational, these things, and they pass down,” Kourtney Kardashian said. “Which is like why I’m trying not to do it with our kids.”

Kris then responded to say that, “I don’t want to be responsible for teaching you guys to be negative. I don’t want to pass it on to my grandchildren.”

We’ll have to see if this new tactic to erase that negativity works out. We’re willing to bet that they have a lot of work to do that a jar can’t fix. If anything, this was a clever scene concocted by producers and edited together to present for a reality television show.

What do you think the Kardashians really need to fix themselves? Sound off in the comments!

H Jenkins

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