Paul Hogan has been tolerating a lot of lawlessness from the homeless close to his crib in L.A. The Crocodile Dundee has had enough of it, and he made sure that the homeless get to know about it through an angry note he posted on his front door.

Hogan has been trapped in his mansion in L.A. for a long while. He posted the note outside of his $3.5 million property, which is described to be a “fortress” by the locals. He’s taken down the note now, but the note said “THIS IS MY HOUSE NOT YOURS.

His Venice Beach property happens to sit at the heart of the homeless epidemic that is currently spiraling out of control in Los Angeles. While the Venice Beach area attracted a lot of tourists at one point of time, the pandemic ruined it and now the area is occupied by many homeless campers.

Hogan has been stuck within his “fortress” with his 22 year old son Chance for a long time, since the homelessness and the increased crime has completely made the streets of the area in hospitable.


The city’s officials are taking on heat and criticism from the citizens over not finding a solution to the problem, but celebrities such as Jon Cryer and Lisa Joyner, as well as organizations such as Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission have been doing their best to aid the situation and provide shelter to the homeless.

Nitish Vashishtha

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