Danny Masterson recently came out to reveal that Leah Remini was allegedly responsible in trying to tamper with his rape case and even threatened the cops to push against him.

Documents from TMZ reveal that Masterson claims she had a detective from LAPD from Becker working for her who was an unofficial bodyguard of hers and made calls about his case from time to time.

Masterson also claimed that the detective “had a history of trying to influence LAPD investigations” which he did on Leah’s bidding. According to Masterson, the Austin PD detective was shocked by the detective’s incessant interference with the case that she wrote in her report:

Becker has no professional investigative interest in this report, as he does not investigate sexual assault cases. It is later revealed he is Leah Remini’s close friend.

The outrage doesn’t end here. Leah made calls to the LAPD on the regular about the case, and they encouraged her participation in the investigation. One detective went so far as to say that her participation is “vital to the investigation,” as per Masterson’s claim.

The report suggests that Leah even tried to get the prosecutors on board with letting her stay during the DA’s interviews of the women. While the prosecutors tried to work something out at first, their relationship soured soon. Leah even threatened with a campaign that would have brought a lot of negative PR to them. He claimed:

I told [Det.] Reyes from the beginning, ‘I’m telling you, if you screw this up I’m putting you and the whole LAPD on Blast. Not because I want to, but because they deserve to be heard.’ And you can’t keep being in business with the Church of Scientology because you have no balls.

According to Masterson, the entirety of accusations on his rape case directly come from the anti-Scientology campaign & her show Scientology and the Aftermath. that Leah has been running. TMZ received no word back when they tried to reach Leah’s team.

Nitish Vashishtha

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