Nicki Minaj recently joined Drake & Lil Wayne for ‘Seeing Green’ a new track for YMCMB fans. As her career-defining mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty was released in 2009 and just got a 12-year anniversary re-release, the trio came together to grace fans with a new song.

As she took to Instagram to have a special live session for her fans, Drake gave an unexpected appearance on it. In the session, the two talked about how the reunion came to be and how Minaj was lifted out of a writer’s slump through Drake’s help. At first, Nicki announced to her viewers that:

I’m working on the album… the album is coming soon, the documentary is as well. I’m really excited for you guys to see the documentary because I know you guys will love it.

Drake is featured on two tracks from the re-release, the first being “Best I Ever Had (Remix)” and the second being “Seeing Green” with Minaj and Wayne. When he appeared on the live, the two talked about how Seeing Green came to be a ray of light for Minaj.


You sent me this record called ‘Seeing Green.’ What made you think I would sound good on that?

To answer her question, Drake stated that her involvement on the track was necessary because it didn’t sound like it was right without her featurette. He also said that there’s nobody in the entire industry who’s better than her.

You sent me this record called ‘Seeing Green.’ What made you think I would sound good on that? It was fun the other way, but it’s epic this way, you know? You know I’ve had some real heart-to-hearts with you lately just about the fact that it’s your world; nobody does this shit better than you.

Nicki Minaj then revealed that Drake was the one who got her off a writer’s block. According to her, Drake was the motivation she needed to feel competitive again and start her writing grind.

He single-handedly got me out of my writer’s block and I’m never gonna forget it. He sent me something and it made me feel so competitive again. I was like, ‘What the fuck am I doing? Like, I need to start writing!’ Whenever I hear Drake and Wayne rap it always inspires something in me.

While many wholesome things happened on the Live, Azealia Banks was busy shooting a lot of shots at Minaj, from talking about her plastic surgery, fat-shaming her and accusing her of using drugs before the stream. Check out the stream down below.

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