John Cena is arguably the most popular current WWE Superstar who is not currently wrestling. Hollywood’s opportunities pulled him away from the ring. He was with WWE through a lot of good business and bad. Some would say that Cena carried the company on his back, but he would disagree.

While speaking to Den Of Geek, John Cena spoke about his time in WWE. The interviewer threw out a line about how Cena carried WWE on his back for a decade. That is not the way Cena sees it at all.

He hates the idea that he carried the company because it devalues the contributions that others made during that time as well. He was certainly humble with his response.

No, no, that’s not true. That’s not true. If you think so, watch any wrestling match or WWE performance with one individual. So I don’t believe in that term. It’s an absolute team effort. And I hate when people say that because it takes the credit away from a lot of talented individuals. But I think one thing is for certain that if WWE ever asked me to do anything, be it a phone interview or go to a smaller city to promote or go to a larger stage or fly across the world or et cetera, et cetera. For 15 years my life was a blur that had not much else in it except light blue canvas and ropes. And I love it for that. And I think now the audience is very understanding that I developed a similar sort of passion towards this. And you can’t be both places at once because one place will suffer or if not, both places will suffer.


John Cena very well could come back to WWE for another run with the company. It’s not likely to happen any time soon with his mounting schedule and the pandemic’s travel restrictions. Things might be a bit complicated to get him back immediately.

It takes a lot of people to tell the stories that WWE needs to fill up television time. John Cena did his part, and that’s all he could do. Thankfully, he was able to excel in so many clutch situations.

Do you think John Cena carried WWE on his back for years? Sound off in the comments!

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