Tom Brady is one of the most successful quarterbacks in NFL history. Every team he’s ever played with has reached the heights of success, so of course it stands to reason that the fans of other teams should love him for his talent.

As it turns out, the quarterback gets a lot of hate from the fans of New York Giants, and he just doesn’t get why that is. The Buccaneers player went on the Complex Sports Podcast, where he said that he doesn’t understand the hate from Giants fans, and said that they should actually like him because of a very important reason.

How could you hate me when you’re a Giants fan? You should love me! That was the only team I never beat. The frickin’ Giants.

The NFL Hall Of Famer actually makes sense. However, Brady already has his sights set on securing the Giants fanbase. The catch is that it might be a huge gamble. Brady said on the podcast:


I gotta figure out how to beat the Giants some day. Maybe we gotta have some type of rematch now that I’m in Tampa in a [conference] championship game

Even if Brady ends up beating the New York Giants with his tea, he will either get the fans’ undying respect, or even more hatred over how he acted out of holding a grudge against them. Whatever the result might be, it would be amazing to see Brady win against a team he’s never won against before.

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