Carole Baskin has finally decided to take charge of the situation in Houston, Texas, where a tiger got loose. A man named India is said to be responsible for the tiger running free, which is filling the hearts of citizens with fear.

Baskin revealed to CNN that her Big Cat Rescue based in Tampa is offering $5K “to the person responsible for the immediate, safe hand over of India the Tiger to a sanctuary that is accredited by the Global Federation of Sanctuaries.”

The “Tiger King” star is worried about the tiger as she thinks that whoever was involved with the transfer of the tiger had severe lack of responsibility. She stated that “the owners of the tiger have shown a serious lack of responsibility so far.

Baskin said that for anyone to get the cash reward, they should turn in India to the feds and co-operate with them so that their inputs are “sufficient to convict both buyer and seller involved in the transfers of the tiger.”

As India is still missing, Houston police arrested a man named Victor Hugo Cuevas, suspecting him to be the tiger’s owner. However, his lawyers stated that they are misunderstanding the evidence, and that the true owner of the tiger is a man named “Deandre” or “D,” without any proper moniker assigned.

Nitish Vashishtha

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