Even though Snoop Dogg is busy with releasing new music and appearing on shows such as The Voice, he still keeps himself busy with his other creative endeavors.

While being interviewed by Yahoo Entertainment, the rapper was asked whether his crazy life story would ever get an on-screen adaptation. The rapper said that what makes the most sense to him is an anthology series rather than a standalone movie.

If it’s told through the right eyes. I think what makes the most sense to me is the ‘Snoop Dogg anthology,’ the life story of Snoop Dogg, where it starts with my mother and father meeting each other before I was even born, to me being born, to me growing through the ‘70s and ‘80s and the ‘90s.

He continued to say that there’s a lot of work currently on going with the development of the series, and said that in a manner of speaking, he would appear to be akin to a ‘Black Forest Gump.’


Me being the ‘Black Forest Gump,’ so to speak, seeing me in all of these highlighted moments in American history. We’re developing that, putting it together as we speak, just trying to take my time and put the right information out. I want to take my time and make sure that I’ve put together the right infrastructure of how I became me—you know, the people that inspire me, my upbringing, my mother, my father, my friends, community influences, inspirations that shaped and molded me. I don’t see it being a biopic, because I can’t give all of this great information and entertainment in two hours. But if I give it to you in an anthology, you’re likely to get six or seven seasons of this.

While the rapper has been hard at work with the series, he’s going to take his sweet time with the development of the series. Since the series is going to be 6 to 7 seasons long, Snoop Dogg definitely has his work cut out of him.

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