Rob Gronkowski is one of the versatile football players in the NFL, but his versatility doesn’t only end in the field. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ tight end is always looking for new things to do whenever it’s the off-season. But when it comes to his pursuits after his stint as an NFL footballer ends, you can add boxing to the list.

While being interviewed by TMZ, the tight end didn’t exactly say that he won’t be boxing after his retirement, and indicated that it’s a fairly reasonable future endeavor for himself to have as an athlete.

I feel like I would have interest in it for sure when I’m done playing football, because being football is just so competitive, that can actually keep my competitive spirits going for sure. But I would have to have that urge, you know, to do it and that will to do it too ’cause that’s serious. It’s not like you can do it overnight, that’s some serious training. That’s months and months and months of work. Months of training your brain, your body with all those counter movements, all those different types of movements with your body.

As the Gronk said that even though it’s a feasible sport for him to play due to its similar competitiveness, he didn’t undermine the time and effort it takes to teach yourself how to be a boxer on a competitive level. He continued to say:

I would definitely say it would spark an interest. I wouldn’t just shut that down right away when I’m done playing, but you never know.

Even though Gronkowski had his retirement in 2018, he pulled a 180 to support the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in order to play with his former quarterback from New England Patriots Tom Brady. The duo helped the team win the Super Bowl in their own stadium, and the Buccaneers became the first team to pull that off.

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