Jetsonmade is undoubtedly one of the most in-demand producers in the music industry right now. He also has a couple Top 10 singles and other high-charting songs on the Hot 100. He is also well-known for being rapper DaBaby’s producer. It seems even someone like Rihanna sought after Jetsonmade’s services.

While speaking with Our Generation Music, Jetsonmade revealed that he actually rejected an opportunity to work with Rihanna so that he could work with J. Cole. In the end it was a personal decision.

“Bruh, I was really supposed to go work with Rihanna. Swear to god, I skipped out on that shit to go work with Cole. Shout out to Rihanna though, I hope we can get in there. It was more personal bruh, Cole reached out to me personally. Like come on, I’m at this man house, like fuck that, I’m going with this n-gga

When interviewer Hakeem stated he would have chosen Rihanna, Jetsonmade revealed that he would have been too nervous around her.

“That’s crazy. I would have been too nervous around Rihanna anyway bruh. I love Rihanna.”

Jetsonmade ultimately made the right decision for being co-producer on J. Cole’s “Lion King on Ice” alongside T-Minus and Cole. It is still certainly interesting that he turned down Rihanna, regardless of personal reasons.

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