The Flash is known to include many speedsters from the comics. While the show kicked off with the intense and iconic rivalry between the O.G. speedster Barry Allen’s The Flash & Harrison Well’s Reverse-Flash, the show has since then has come to have a thriving speedster economy.

The show included evil speedster Zoom, Savitar, Godspeed, Earth-90’s Flash (John Wesley Snipes) & Nora West-Allen’s XS, amongst many others. The show is set to have a new speedster on board, and now the photos from the shoot reveal that it’s going to be Impulse, a speedster from the future.

The very first one of these revelatory photos come from Canada Graphs, which shows how the speedster is going to look in the show. The photo is a bit blurry, but it still gives away a lot. DCTVFlash.United reveals a set of photos which are clear and show Impulse in the line of action. The photos also reveal that XS is going to be part of the show’s season 7.

Many reports stated before that Bart Allen (Impulse) is going to be Barry Allen & Iris West’s son, but that’s not correct. Bart Allen is going to play The Flash’s grandson, coming from a future that’s way too far as of the show’s current timeline. Impulse will be revealed in the show on its 150th episode, so there’s a lot of things that the show is planning to do in order to set up his entrance.

Nitish Vashishtha

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