Conor McGregor saw Jake Paul cause a scene at the media event that was supposed to hype his brother’s boxing efforts. Jake stole the show and Money’s hat at the same time.

Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul brawled a bit, and Paul even took a shot from one of Money’s security guards. This was an embarrassing scene if you ask Notorious.

After watching the crazy scene go down online, Conor McGregor fired off a long Instagram message where he didn’t shy away from calling it like he sees it. Conor McGregor saw the situation as a shameful display, one predicated by Jake Paul’s effective childish antics.

Hey @leonardellerbe, what the fuck is Floyd at?
The kid curled up, didn’t fight back once, and Floyd is still running around acting the tough guy.
The kid actually just pulled this shambles of a situation Floyd is in out of the drain for him.
He should thank him.
It’s embarrassing!
Pro to pro it’s embarrassing. He will not scratch 10m for this fight and he knows it. It was cancelled once already. The world is watching this on Twitter. He’d fight a half decent pro and command 20m upwards, yet its this shit.
Whatever way you spin this, it’s sad.
Fight someone for real, on your record, or fuck off mate.
Slap head!


Jake Paul doesn’t even have a fight against Floyd Mayweather. Money is set to fight Jake’s brother Logan Paul on June 6th.

Obviously, Money is now a bit heated with the Problem Child, and that’s understandable. We will see if Jake Paul can get a fight against Mayweather next. That stunt didn’t win him any favors with McGregor, a man who Paul really wants to meet in the ring.

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