Kelly Osbourne recently made the news for all the wrong reasons as she relapsed after four years of sobriety and Osbourne didn’t shy away from being accountable for her own actions.

Now it seems she has opened up regarding the recent relapse. While speaking on the Armchair Expert podcast, Osbourne revealed how she starting drinking once again and understanding how bad of a place Osbourne in.

“I was Miss Program. I love it, it was everything to me. It helped me grow up, it helped me figure out who I am. When quarantine happened and the world changed, I started to change too. I started doing online meetings and I didn’t like them. I got nothing out if it, they made me angry and resentful.”

She eventually stopped speaking to her sponsor and all of her friends and then started relapsing as well. When Osbourne thought she made it out of the “worst part of lockdown” without drinking, Osbourne was hit with a huge dose of reality.


It resulted in her completely blacking out at one time.

“I’m the girl that when things go incredible and everything is where you think it should be and you suddenly find yourself in what you think happiness is, I went, ‘Oh, I’m normal now, I’m happy, I don’t need any of this f—ing s— anymore,. And then I sat by a pool by myself, I saw this girl drinking a glass of champagne and thought, I’ll have one of them. And I just had one and it was fine and I had a great time.

Then a couple weeks went by and thought, ‘I did it then, I can do it again.’ Two weeks later, done. F—ing done,. Did not last long, did embarrassing s—, blacked out. It wasn’t fun.”

Osbourne then revealed that she didn’t take any pills as she was already taking anti-depressants and worried mixing anything else with alcohol could lead to her demise.

“In my mind I was still in control. It wasn’t until I found myself last weekend covered in ranch dressing by my friend’s pool sunburnt looking like a piece of s— where I went maybe I don’t have this under control.”

We sincerely hope Kelly Osbourne will be able to remain sober once again as a relapse doesn’t necessarily mean all her progress is ruined.

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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