Amy Schumer, the comedian who is ironically infamous for not being considered very funny by many, made a joke that seemed a bit too excessive to many on a podcast episode with Kevin Hart.

After getting onto the topic of marriage and what changed after it, Schumer thought it best to joke about her vagina, and how its quality has gone low after her marriage with American Chef Chris Fischer in 2019.

My p—-y. It’s honestly just like, huge now and just garbage. It’s just street trash. Yeah, I would say my street trash p—-y is probably [the biggest change].

After making the joke, she decided to talk about the things in her life which truly changed for the worse after her marriage. However, just a year after her marriage, the pandemic happened, and her personal life has been a huge nosedive ever since.

I don’t go out anymore. I mean, it’s also the pandemic, but I’d be down at the Cellar every night doing standup, and now it’s like, if a friend is like, ‘Want to meet out at 8:00 PM?,’ I’m like ‘8:00pm?! Sorry, I’m in …’ I mean, I’m not in bed, I stay up, you know…

The stand-up comic later said that she and her husband, who welcomed the birth of their son Gene David Fischer, in May 2019, try to have sex once in a week to ten days.

We probably have sex every seven to 10 days. I go, ‘Do you want to have sex?’ And he makes this face,” she said. “He kind of pictured it, and like, winced. He’s imagining it and he made a face kind of like he ate something bad.

While it’s true that Amy Schumer has been joking about things being bad, but the pandemic has become a source of mental and physical disarray for many people. Check out Amy Schumer’s interview on Kevin Hart’s “Comedy Gold Minds” podcast down below.

Nitish Vashishtha

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