Paul Walker sadly died in a car accident and left millions of fans heartbroken. His spirit continues in the Fast & Furious movies as they embark in the 10th installment of the franchise, including the Hobbs & Shaw spin-off.

John Cena is set to play Vin Diesel’s brother in the new film. Casting him was a difficult decision to make, but it all came together perfectly once he met Cena. It seemed like it was meant to be. In fact, Vin Diesel told Extra that he believes Paul Walker sent the 16x World Champion to the Fast & The Furious franchise.

“We started talking about the brother role very early on. When it came time to cast, it became a riddle that was so hard to answer. Every actor was on the table. Every actor was considered because I’m multicultural, and every single actor could be my brother. So, to carefully address the overall methodology because there’ll be answers in ‘Fast 10’ that will even explain or mystify you more.”

“The moment it happened in two seconds, the idea of John Cena came up. I had a dojo, a shrine, a Dom shrine where I would go and get into character, get into that Dom mindset. It had all the Fast memorabilia, it had weights, and it was a training center to get ready for the movie. Cena came in one day to meet me, and I got to tell you, and it sounded crazy at the time, and it probably still sounds crazy, I had felt because I like to be in tune, I had felt that Paul Walker sent him into the shrine. I didn’t question it at all. And I didn’t question it all.”


Fast 9 will likely explode box office numbers worldwide. There is a reason why those films do so well in global box offices. People love fast cars and the adrenaline pumping action those films bring.

We’ll have to see what’s next for John Cena’s character in Fast 9, because we have no idea if he even makes it through the movie. Even if he doesn’t the Fast Family has a new member anyway.

H Jenkins

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