Juelz Santana has been longing to get out of New Jersey, but it seems like he would have to put all his travel plans on hold for now. According to a report by TMZ, the Dipset rapper got his request to travel outside of New Jersey denied after he allegedly failed to come clean in a drug test.

Santana had plans to visit Miami for work, but his behavior and the nature of his travel plans would have led to his parole terms being violated. One of the most compelling reasons for his request denial, other than the alleged drug test failure, was his plan to work with two other convicted felons in South Florida. That is in violation to the terms of his supervised release.

The Assistant U.S. Attorney made the claim that since there were traces of opiates and methadone in Santana’s urine sample, and that is why he failed to get his travel request rejected.

Jef Henninger, the rapper’s lawyer, says that the drug test’s positive result is rather triggered by something else rather than actual drug use. He states that while he does take into consideration that the rapper isn’t hanging out with the right crowd, he still believes that Santana actually didn’t use drugs.

Nitish Vashishtha

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