The Game is one of the most notorious rappers in the current scene. While he tries to shoot his shot at female rappers and celebrities as much as possible, he also ensures that he is in top shape to make that happen.

Taking to Instagram, the 41-year old rapper talked about the importance of grinding on the fitness journey and also showcased his gym partner’s back. It seems like The Game is looking to get it done.

The heavyweight rapper has been on his 60 days of fitness challenge for a while now, and he is choosing to have zero relapses or slack offs at all. He is extremely focused on surpassing his current level of fitness and achieve his goals.

He implored his fans to join him in his 60 days of fitness journey. It’s definitely true that he is primarily motivated by impressing the ladies, such he said that “I’m not gonna be the weird body n***a out there, not me.” Let us know what you think about The Game’s 60 Days of Fitness challenge down below in the comments.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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