Tyra Banks is best known for her work as a host on the show America’s Next Top Model. While she has been spending her time as the judge for the show Dancing With The Stars at the moment with relative ease, it seems her past has come to haunt her.

After a video of Banks suddenly came circulating through Twitter and became viral, many of her fans started speaking against her extremely rude and insensitive behavior.

In the clip, Banks tells a woman of color that her skin is looking bad and she’s supposed to make it look better. Another model got told that her photographs appeared “like a Hitchcock film.”

You have to put on more makeup as a woman of color. Our skin reflects the light.


Many Twitter users commented on the fact that Banks was straight up bullying these models. They also noted that in ANTM, it were black women who bullied the most.

Many fans, on the other hand, also came to her rescue. Their point is that while what Banks did was wrong and should not have been tolerated, she needed therapy as she was simply passing on the trauma she had incurred.

She’s currently working on Dancing With The Stars, which is due returning for another season in the fall of 2021. While Banks is yet to address the issue and give a statement, let us know in the comments about whether you think what Banks did is wrong or not.

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