50 Cent is no stranger to beef, but it might not all be legit. He had heat with Young Buck, but according to Buck himself, that was all staged.

Buck jumped on Instagram Live where he explained the situation with Fif. He said that the whole beef was staged. They get along and have a new video coming out soon. This was all something that people jumped on, but they got it going.

“We playing that sh*t. We ain’t got no motherf*cking beef. You understand me? That’s what you motherf*ckers get ’cause you motherf*ckers are always chasing this beef sh*t, and then we done played y’all motherf*cking ass. Whole time, bro. Whole time, y’all thinking whatever the f*ck y’all thinking. So really, we win. ‘Cause we made all you motherf*ckers think that it’s beef and we don’t like each other. I just got off the phone with the n***a. We just shot a video yesterday. About to drop it and give it to the world. I just want y’all to understand one thing, man. That’s what you motherf*ckers get, man. This social media sh*t got you people f*cked up. Y’all got played this time.”

According to Buck, 50 was the man behind the entire ruse. He recalled his first meeting with the legendary rapper in the process.


“We sat down and master-planned this sh*t out. 50 was like, ‘I’ma say all kinds of sh*t about you, n***a. I’ma make them f*cking hate you. Then you gone make them love you again, I just followed the n***a plan and then, all of a sudden, I guess the n***a was right because they love me again. And I did it… I made them love me again.”

This beef got attention and controversy creates cash, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff once wrote a book about that. It turns out that some things in the rap game might be just as staged as a pro wrestling angle, and fans played right into it.

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