Kevin Durant has been having a bad time playing for the Brooklyn Nets as he goes into the court with a troubled left hamstring that’s straining him. After the Nets’ 11th straight losses, things are not going well for the 11-time NBA All-Star.

Nets coach Steve Nash revealed that the basketball player is due another hamstring scan next week, so that his strain could be resolved as quickly as possible. Since he hasn’t been playing as much, that has made him go around on Twitter a lot more. As a constant stream of criticism, Twitter never forgives.

While he’s heard pretty much every hurtful comment that has ever been thrown at him, he took offense at this particular instance.

“I’m just sayin @KDTrey5 is a scorer, not a shooter…big difference !” UofLSU said in a tweet. An hour later, Kevin decided to get back at him and replied:

After many fans started retweeting, a particular reply to UofLSU which said “KD wants you bro!” got a reply from him. It should be noted that he Twitter user didn’t respond to Kevin when instigated, but took a different turn altogether by replying to someone else.

While it is a criticism after all, there is perhaps some truth to this. Durant averages at 27.1 points per game, with 49.3% in-field shooting, 38.2% on 3s, and 88.2% on free throws. Playing along with the legendary All-Stars Kyrie Irving and James Harden, he averages at 29.0 per game, with 52.4% in-field shooting, 43.4% on 3s, and 86.9% on free throws.

He had been performing so well before the injury that he’d been in talks for becoming the MVP. We hope that he recovers very soon and regains his momentum back to make his run with the Nets legendary.

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