Matt Reeves’ version of Batman is one of the most anticipated DC live-action movies since its 2019 announcement. While Ben Affleck was supposed to direct, write and star in the movie, he stepped down after struggling with the script with co-writer Geoff Johns.

When Matt Reeves overtook the script, he worked it so that a younger Batman could be showcased, where his detective side is more significant than the other versions. Robert Pattinson was cast as The Batman in May 2019, and the film was due releasing in 2020. However, when the pandemic struck, it rendered the film’s schedule all haywire.

Since the film had to undergo several delay in shooting due to COVID-19, the project got delayed and delayed. Luckily though, Matt Reeves took to Twitter to announce to fans that the filming for The Batman has been all wrapped up.

Jeffrey Wright also teased the appearance of his role as Commissioner Jim Gordon in the movie. He also asserted the possibility for a sequel for the movie.


The movie boasts a cast of actors Robert Pattinson, Jeffrey Wright, Paul Dano, Colin Farrell, Zoe Kravitz & Andy Sarkis. Paul Deno & Colin Ferrell are both set to play key enemies of Batman, respectively The Riddler & Penguin. The trailer of The Batman looks like it’ll be a much more realistic take on the caped crusader.

Nitish Vashishtha

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