James Heerdegen, Christina Ricci’s ex-husband has filed for joint custody as well as spousal support for their son Freddie. He doesn’t want to deprive Ricci of Freddie, and wants the physical & legal custody split between the two.

As a response to Ricci’s petition, Heerdegen has demanded that he should be paid a spousal support. While having no intentions of himself paying any spousal support, he also clarified about the issue of asset’s management and potential split:

The full nature and extent of Respondents’ separate property assets and obligations are not presently known.

While it is not necessarily clear as of now, he might go after his private property in the future in case there are incongruencies in the asset-splitting process. Any claims of ownership are just not being made at the moment.

Ricci filed for divorce in July 2020, after “irreconcilable differences” emerged between the two. While both of them agree that July 25 was when the decision was made to split, things could get difficult for Heerdegen as Ricci reportedly called 911 with the claim that Heerdegen assaulted her following a heated argument.

The former couple will be heading to court in May to have a legal face off as both of them have serious allegations against each other. They have separate restraining orders against each other. Ricci goes as far as to claim that at one point, Heerdegen caught her hands, started spitted on her while making pig noises.

Heerdegen also has his own set of allegations, such as alleging Ricci’s startling substance abuse & alcohol issues which are a danger and an impediment to their son’s future. Anything at the moment is inconclusive in this case, as we will know how it turns out when the ex-couple faces off in court coming May.

Nitish Vashishtha

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