Tekashi 6ix9ine seems to be God’s favorite rapper at the moment. Despite tempting the fate with every single move he makes, things keep going his way and he comes out even better than before.

This time around however, the rap’s most famous supervillain is back and ready to diss anyone he sees breathing. He’s been trying to beef with Lil Durk anytime he gets by calling him out and reminding of his deceased friends and family, which is as horrible as it gets.

He’d had to go to jail in 2019 after racketeering charges were imposed on him. He’s also renowned as a snitch, with snitching on his former manager Shotti as well as many other members of the Nine Tray gang. However, it seems that even something as bad as going to prison turned out to be quite opportune to Tekashi.

In an update, he just revealed how much money he made in prison.


2017 : I was delivering food, 2018 : I took over the rap game, 2019 : I was facing 47 years to life,” wrote 6ix9ine. “2020 : I got out of jail 20 million dollars richer, 2021 : I’m thanking GOD.

Having made 20 million dollars, the rapper became quite wealthy and even more menacing than he had ever been. The rapper is one of the most hated presences on the social media. A lot of people genuinely interact with his content only to comment negative things on his profile.

Nitish Vashishtha

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