With over three years since their last album release, Migos are all set to drop their new album Culture III pretty soon. Their last album was followed by three solo albums and a few singles, but those did not get the appropriate response.

With their new album on the way, fans are almost skeptical about what the trio has up their sleeves.

Migos have been working on this album throughout the pandemic at their compound in Los Angeles. They released a trailer in late January which gave us an insight on what they are up to.

The trio had embarked on their solo careers and gained much needed experience before reconnecting and bonding over music at their L.A. compound.


Earlier this weekend, footage from the video surfaced online. One can hear the bass heavy music with one audible line by Quavo who raps,

Turned a pandemic into a bandemic, you know that the sh*t that we on.

According to Quavo, we can expect the album to be released by April. Check out the clip below.

Do you think the new album will hit the mark? Let us know in the comments below.

Anant Shastri

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