NBA alumni and ‘basketball analyst’ Shaquille O’Neal remains a legend in the world of professional basketball. The former Boston Celtics Center also possesses the rare ability to laugh at himself and is glaringly bad at remembering first names.

All this and more was broadcasted on a segment of the postgame show for NBA, Inside the NBA. The segment, called “Shaq’s First Name Game” was promptly introduced after Shaq was unable to recall Pascal Siakam’s first name.

Needless to say, Shaq struggled and hilarity ensued. Shaq first ‘recognized’ Malik Monk as “Eli” Monk and that was just the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately (for Shaq), his ownership stake with the Sacramento Kings did not work in his favor as he guessed Richard Holmes’ first name was John.

He didn’t do much better thereafter before (finally) correctly guessing Desmond Bane’s name to finish 1-5.


It seems like Shaq found a new way of entertaining us even after his 19 years of pure basketball gold.

Teresa Williams

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