Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a renowned figure in the world of professional wrestling and maintains a strong connection to the industry despite his flourishing career in Hollywood. He is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in pro wrestling and fans really wanted to see him back in WWE. That said, it seems he copied his People’s Elbow move from a legendary professional wrestler.

Despite its sheer simplicity, the Rock’s People’s Elbow will always be remembered as one of the most electrifying finishers in WWE history. It has now been revealed that Dwayne Johnson admitted to seemingly copying the move from The Great Muta.

The legendary Japanese wrestler executed a quicker version of the running elbow drop without the theatrics that The Rock popularized during his WWE run. Dwayne’s iteration of the maneuver involved him delaying the strike as he first took off his elbow pads to pop the crowd before hitting the ropes.

Due to its delayed nature, fans often called out the People’s Elbow for being unrealistic and not impactful enough to secure a three-count, which is why it was also labeled as a signature move. All the criticism aside, The Rock genuinely made The People’s Elbow iconic in wrestling lore, and he could not have done it without getting inspired by The Great Muta.

While speaking with ESPN’s Marc Raimondi, The Great Muta revealed that The Rock copied his People’s Elbow from the legendary pro wrestler.

I met him before two or three times. He actually admitted that his People’s Elbow was a mimic of my move. So I asked him for royalties. But we were joking and he didn’t pay anything, but we really had a good conversation.

The Great Muta will be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame this year and fans agree that he definitely deserves it. Regardless, The Rock will always be grateful to Muta for what he did.

What’s your take on what The Great Muta said? Did you like The People’s Elbow? Sound off in the comments!

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