Cassidy is one of the better-known rappers in the game right now and he loves to live his life in luxury. The rapper has made a good few expensive purchases that he deeply regrets. However, it seems none compare to the Bentley he purchased for almost $300K.

During an interview with BagFuel, Cassidy opened up about his past spending habits and revealed that he had made a few costly mistakes in his career. One of the purchases that he regretted the most was his six-figure Bentley, which he had bought in cash during the peak of his career in the 2000s.

As the “I’m A Hustla” rapper looked back on his past financial decisions with more experience and knowledge, he admitted that he could have put the money he spent on the luxury car to better use. In retrospect, Cassidy acknowledged that his desire to buy the car instantly, without a loan or payment plan, had been impulsive and not well thought out.

He shared that the Bentley had cost him around $275,000 after factoring in additional expenses like taxes, tints, and rims. Cassidy expressed regret for not using that money to invest in more profitable ventures or to grow his wealth further.

Reflecting on his lack of financial literacy at the time of the purchase, Cassidy admitted that he could have used the knowledge he had gained since then to maximize his earnings and still drive the same car. He explained that he could have taken that same money, flipped it, and invested it, potentially turning it into more Bentleys in the long run.

”It’s a lot of big things that I bought I wish I wouldn’t have bought like a Bentley, like cash. I just wanted to do that, go to the lot, just buy that shit instantly, not have no note, not pay for nothing. And I wanted it to be years ahead of the year it was, so I went and did it.

I think after all taxes, the tints, the rims, it came out to like $275,000 or something. Then it was just a waste of money. I could’ve did a lot more stuff with that paper and rolled in the same car like that. The information I got, I could’ve rolled in that same car for even more years than I had that car.

Rolled in the same car, took a lot more money, flipped it and invested it. I could’ve turned that same money into more Bentleys and still drove in the same car. But you know, I just was uninformed, [thinking] I could just go grab [but] not really knowing.”

In summary, Cassidy’s costly mistake with the Bentley purchase serves as a valuable lesson to others to make informed and rational financial decisions and to prioritize long-term financial stability over instant gratification. Regardless, we can be sure he won’t be doing something like that again anytime soon.

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