The XFL was branded as a cursed entity, as it failed for its two previous launches in the past two decades. It finally came back this month, with The Rock at the helm alongside his other business partners. While it is a legitimate league, it is nowhere near as big as the NFL. Now it seems XFL’s competition has been dragging the league over The Rock’s ownership.

The 2023 XFL season has been an absolute sensation thus far. Since Dwayne Johnson assumed ownership, the league has provided entertaining, competitive, and thrilling football for viewers. After a three-year break, the XFL’s return is timely (during the NFL offseason) and has been a delight for football enthusiasts.

While speaking during Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that XFL’s direct competition, the USFL, dragged the league over The Rock being the owner of the XFL.

Dave Meltzer further added that the commercial stated that the XFL is not real football as The Rock is the owner, unlike the USFL – which is through and through proper football.

There was something on tonight’s show which was not part of tonight’s RAW but was during a commercial of RAW – the USA was plugging the USFL. They are essentially competition for the XFL, as far as the number two football league. In their commercial, they basically were trying to say ”USFL is real football, not Hollywood-created football,” which really was an interesting line. You know, as far as a knock on the XFL being run by a Hollywood actor. At least they are admitting that they are competing.

The XFL’s St. Louis game was a massive success as it broke attendance records. Regardless, we will have to wait and see how the XFL will continue to fare, as fans have warmed up to it now.

What’s your take on the XFL? Do you enjoy watching it? Sound off in the comments!

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