Jason David Frank, the actor best known for portraying the Green and White Rangers on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, passed away back in November last year. Fans were utterly devasted due to his unfortunate demise. Now it seems a clip from his final movie has been revealed.

Frank portrayed Tommy Oliver in the show’s original run, which lasted from Aug. 28, 1993 until Nov. 27, 1995. It was on the air for three seasons and had a total of 145 episodes. While his role as the Green Ranger was originally only set for 14 episodes, he became so popular with fans of the show that the actor was brought back as the White Ranger and the team’s new leader for the rest of the series.

As one of the most beloved characters in the ‘Power Rangers’ franchise, Jason David Frank was no stranger to action-packed fight scenes. And in this latest project, he will be putting his martial arts skills to the test once again, showcasing his impressive abilities on the big screen.

Despite the tragic loss of the late actor, fans can look forward to seeing Frank deliver a powerful and captivating performance in his final movie role. In honor of what would have been his 50th birthday, the movie is set to be released this fall, giving fans one last chance to see the legendary actor in action.

And in a preview clip obtained exclusively by TMZ, fans can catch a glimpse of the thrilling fight scenes to come, as Frank’s character faces off against another famous mixed martial artist, Mark Dacascos. With Frank’s impressive skills on full display, it’s clear that this is a movie that fans of martial arts and action-packed thrillers won’t want to miss.

As we eagerly await the release of ‘Legend of The White Dragon,’ it’s clear that Jason David Frank’s legacy as a martial arts legend and beloved actor will continue to live on, inspiring and entertaining audiences for generations to come.

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